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Switchmen Studios

About Us

In the 1980s my grandfather, A.J. Casteel, formed a gospel music group called The Switchmen. All six of its members worked for the Clinchfield Railroad in Kingsport, Tennessee. I remember as a young boy traveling with them to churches throughout the region. I got to ride in the big van while they rehearsed during the drive, banjos and all. My grandfather was my hero. He taught me to throw a baseball and coached my Little League teams. And he worked on a train, which I thought was super cool. 

A "switchman" refers to a railroad worker whose job is to operate railway switches that moved trains from one track to another. In the old days, it was one of the most dangerous railroad jobs in the industry.

As filmmakers, we are story shapers. We can take viewers down a track, and at any moment, switch that track with a plot twist, new character, or a simple emotion. That's what motion pictures do for us. They make us feel. 

I truly love creating movies and series that people enjoy. Welcome to Switchmen Studios. 

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My grandfather, A.J. Casteel, is in the middle wearing the gray suit.

About Josh Mancuso

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Hey there! Welcome to Switchmen Studios. First of all, I'm extremely grateful to have people that believe in me, helping me make this dream become a reality. 


I moved from Los Angeles to Northeast Tennessee when I was 4 years old. But, the magic of show-business and moviemaking has always stuck with me. I guess you can take the kid out of Hollywood, but you can't take Hollywood out of the kid!


Switchmen Studios is the culmination of my life's work up to this point. You can read more about my work and achievements below. 

For the next 50 years you can find me right here doing what I love the most: Writing. Directing. Acting. Creating. 


Most of all, I'm excited for you to become immersed in our motion pictures and films.

I promise, you will remember them. 

Feel free to connect with me personally on social media, where you can have a laugh at my expense and follow my journey. 

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View my IMDb page: 

  • Received 2 Best Lead Actor awards for performances in ZoomTime and Triangle.


  • Directed Coming Home, a documentary about Jeremiah Caleb that premiered in Beverly Hills, CA, and featured screenings in Charlotte, Bristol, New York, and other cities. 

  • Co-produced and Co-directed Appalachian Soul, a documentary about the experiences and contributions of African-Americans in Appalachia. Set to be released nationwide in September. 

  • Produced over 250 videos for clients or as original content, as well as 8 short films and one TV pilot. 

  • Founded and directed the first-ever Johnson City Film Festival in 2019.


  • 40 Under 40 award by The Business Journal in 2016.

  • Acting credits in 3 TV shows, 8 short films, 1 TV pilot, and countless social media videos. 

  • B.A. in Mass Communications and M.A. in Leadership.  

  • Formal acting training in Meisner Technique. 

  • Millions of video views across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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