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Short Films
in development


Drama  |  Slow Burn  |  Twist

Upon learning about a nationwide pandemic, Joe becomes afraid to leave his house for an entire year until a vaccine is finally available. 


Drama  |  Heartwarming  |  Twist

A man who fakes his own death is alive and present to hear his son's eulogy at his funeral. 


Drama  |  Feel-Good  |  Twist

With every stroke of her paintbrush there may be more to this artist's creations than just simply painting on canvas.


Dramedy  |  Relatable  

A man having a bad day ends up with mall security after stealing a necktie.


Drama  |  Suspense  |  Emotional

A man writes a suicide note in his garage, but things get complicated when his young daughter shows up. 

Feature Films
in development


Drama  |  Thriller  |  Apocalyptic

Six people battle relational tension and an unknown outside enemy while trapped in a vacation cabin. With depleting food rations and their own sanity slipping away, will they survive? This is a psychological and apocalyptic thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire movie. 


Drama  |  Gritty  |  Tragic

An eccentric young couple experiences the rollercoaster of drug addiction, while raising two children in a trailer in rural Appalachia. Based on the song Methamphetamine by Old Crow Medicine Show, this gritty drama is filled with tense family issues, wild drug trips, beautiful scenery, a complicated story plot, and opportunity for redemption.


Comedy  |  Awkward  |  Faith

Desperate to find love in his 30s, an average guy creates a fake church league softball team in an effort to impress an athletic girl he likes. As the season hilariously unfolds, the facade grows more complicated as he must face his own demons while juggling a lie and a relationship that is sure to blow up in his face. 

Streaming Series
in development


Drama  |  Mafia  |  Suspense

Two brothers, Jimmy and Anthony Cardano, navigate their family mafia enterprise in Southwest Virginia. Dealing with a potential post-coal world, their business and influence are waning, and they must rely on new relationships and old-school mob tactics to keep the family in power. This series is The Godfather meets Yellowstone, but set in Appalachia.


Action  |  Suspense  |  Patriotic

The United States is in significant political and civil unrest. The nation has been unofficially divided into territories, which are starting to govern themselves based on political and social agendas. David Lincoln is a history professor at a community college, but works undercover for the CIA as an elite field agent. The Lincoln Files is an action-packed, patriotic thrill ride where every episode unpacks new information, new enemies, and new allies.


Comedy  |  Mockumentary

In the style of The Office or Parks & Recreation, this series follows Coach Lance during a middle school football season. His unassuming overconfidence combined with his outlandish philosophies will leave viewers rolling in laughter and amazement as his tactics actually work, both on the field, in the classroom, and at home with his wife and 4 daughters.

Comedy Videos 
happening now!

A big part of our strategy is growing our social media influence by leveraging the personal brand of our founder, Josh Mancuso.

Josh's YouTube has been monetized and we want to grow that channel. However, Instagram and TikTok have proven to be the platform of choice for most viewers, so we are doubling down on those efforts. 

Josh's videos have gained millions of views and counting, with new videos releasing every week. 

Additionally, his character Coach Lance receives a steady stream of views and follows, and has even allowed us to secure financial sponsors. Visit the Coach Lance website.

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